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DELUXE Avocado-kasse (8kg)

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Cremede, ubehandlede avocadoer (8kg) fra Sergio’s familiefarm i Algarve, Portugal – en af vores mest populære produkter!

I SÆSON lige nu: Hass Avocado

Hass er en olierig avokadosort med nøddeagtigsmag. Den er spiseklar, når skallen bliver mørk og den giver efter for et let tryk i spidsen. Den modnes naturligt ved stuetemperatur og er helt perfekt indeni uden sorte pletter.

Bestil inden torsdag kl 12:00 og få dine varer leveret direkte til døren tirsdag/onsdag den følgende uge.

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DKK 279
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Product Description

A delicious 8kg box containing creamy avocados farmed by Sergio’s family farm, and harvested without any chemical treatment. These avocados are grown with nature’s synergy between natural underground water springs and the pollination from bees, a technique Sergio and his wife Dina learnt from Sergio’s grandparents when they took over the farm 30 years ago.

The creamy texture of the avocado melts in the mouth and is one of our most popular products! The Hass avocado has a high oil content and is characterised by a skin that turns dark when the avocado is ready to eat. Due to the great versatility of avocados, you’ll easily eat your way through this delicious box!

Storage and shelf life

When you receive these avocados, they will take around 1 week to mature as they have been harvested only 4 days earlier. Unripe avocados kept at 7-10°C with good air flow, will last 2-4 weeks. Mature avocados kept at 2-4°C will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks. However their best taste is expressed at room temperature.

Serving suggestions

Perfect on top of your morning bread (with chilli flakes, sea salt and cracked pepper), as guacamole, in a smoothie or in fresh salads for your daily serving of healthy fats.

Did you know?

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, fiber and are vitamin and mineral rich, in particular B-vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium.



We are currently taking pre-orders for the first harvest of 2018. When you place you order before Thursday 4th January, you will receive your delivery the following Tuesday/Wednesday.


If you wish to read more about Sergio’s farm or would like to receive an automatic regular delivery to your home or office, then see menu above for more information.



Abacamel farm

On a hillside in the Algarve, Portugal, Sérgio grows lush avocado trees.

The avocado farm started with Sérgio’s father, more than 25 years ago. Back then, the fruit was so unique that nobody in the area knew how to eat an avocado until Sérgio’s family introduced them into the Algarve region. They were true pioneers.

The whole family grows avocados during 8 months of the year with the varieties Fuerte, Beacon, Hass and Reed.

Family farm

All the avocados ripen naturally, without the use of ethylene gas. To find out when each is in season, click here.

In harmony with nature, his 16-year-old son Bernardo sets up hives on the same hillside to enable the bees to pollinate the avocado trees with different gender (“he” and “she”) flowers. This is a prerequisite for the bearing of fruit.

Sérgio’s farm also sells their delicious honey called “Mel” in our shop. Be sure to check it out!


On another nearby farm, Sérgio and his wife Dina grow grapefruits. When they planted their grapefruit trees 10 years ago, they were again pioneers in the area with the first grapefruit production in the Algarve (Portugal).



To read more about Sérgio’s farm and other farms, please click here.

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