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“I used to spend a lot of time finding buyers. With Fresh.Land I sell everything online.
Now I can focus on growing my fruits and I even have time to produce honey with my 16-year-old son”.
– Sérgio

Sérgio’s farm

On a hillside in the Algarve, Portugal, Sérgio grows lush avocado trees.

The avocado farm started with Sérgio’s father, more than 25 years ago. Back then, the fruit was so unique that nobody in the area knew how to eat an avocado until Sérgio’s family introduced them into the Algarve region. They were true pioneers.

Family farm

During 8 months of the year, Sérgio grows avocados together with his wife Dina, and their children. They take care of the varieties Fuerte, Beacon, Hass and Reed.

All the avocados ripen naturally, without the use of ethylene gas. To find out when each is in season, see the table below.


In harmony with nature, his 16-year-old son Bernardo sets up hives on the same hillside to enable the bees to pollinate the avocado trees with different gender (“he” and “she”) flowers. This is a prerequisite for the bearing of fruit.

Sérgio’s farm also sells their delicious honey called “Mel” in our shop. Be sure to check it out!

Unique grapefruits

On another nearby land, Sérgio and his wife Dina grow grapefruits. When they planted their grapefruit trees 10 years ago, they were again pioneers in the area with the first grapefruit production in the Algarve (Portugal).

The secret

One major component is water quality which is low in salt and calcium. The many hours of sunshine in the Algarve are essential for the fruits can grow large and fully ripe.

Did you know that grapefruit preserves its natural defenses when not washed after harvesting? In this way, Sergio’s grapefruit stay longer without surface treatment than conventional fruit.