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DELUXE Granatæble kasse

Fra: DKK 279

Bright red, sweet and juicy pomegranates (8kgs) from Reinaldo’s family farm in Portugal. Add a splash of colour to all your meals!

Order before Thursday 12.00 to be guaranteed to receive your box on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Free delivery on orders over DKK 1000.

DKK 279 every 2 weeks
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DKK 279

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Product Description


João’s family farms the brightest pomegranates we have ever seen! These pomegranates are filled with lots of juicy and sweet seeds, and are easy to peel and eat. João harvests 365 days of the year allowing all the pomegranates ripen on the tree which means they are sweeter and have more flavour.

João has been farming for over 25 years and believe that everything is special about his farming methods. He focuses on Integrated Production – a method which assures the use of natural growing techniques and conservation, making it possible to minimise the use of plant protection products.

His family currently employs 67 people and most of them have been with their company for over 25 years!

Have you ever wondered about the best way to peel a pomegranate? Well just watch the video below.. it will turn your life around!


Storage and shelf life

When João’s pomegranates are refrigerated, they can last up to 1 month. We also suggest freezing the pomegranate seeds (remove them from their casing first) to keep them even longer, and simply sprinkle them over your salads and yoghurt for an immediate flavour hit. Or share a box with a friend to spread the happiness!

Serving suggestions

Watch the video above to learn how to properly peel a pomegranate, and then either use fresh or frozen seeds in your salads, salsas, deserts, as a garnish over dips and lamb dishes, and sprinkled over the top of your breakfast skyr.


Order before Thursday 12.00 to be guaranteed to receive this week’s fresh harvest on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Deliveries are once weekly.


If you wish to receive an automatic regular delivery to your home or office, then see menu above for more information.

Lameira’s farm

With its 170ha land, Lameira is one of the largest citrus plantations in the sunny Algarve, in the South of Portugal.

The mineral-rich soil and warm climate creates the optimal conditions for citrus cultivation. Every orange has over 300 days worth of sun within them, ensuring they are very sweet and juicy!

Family farm

The Lameira plantation (Lameira = “muddy” in Portuguese) has been a family-run farm for over 60 years.

Artur and his family are working in the orchard every day to ensure the highest quality of their citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons and clementines.

Natural warehouse

With more than 17 citrus varieties can Lameira deliver fresh citrus fruits all year round – without keeping them in stock.

The trees act as “nature’s own stock.” Citrus fruits are allowed to fully ripen on the trees and harvested fresh for every order.


To read more about the Lameira Farm and other farms, please click here.

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