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Fresh.Land was founded in June 2015. We saw that the food supply chain was obsolete, with 3-5 middlemen on average between farmers and retailers. Farmers, the weakest players, see their margins crumble year after year to the benefit of middlemen (15% of Danish farmers are at risk of bankruptcy every year).

So we decided to bring a new sustainable model to shorten and digitize the food industry supply chain. It allows the farmers to use their trees and fields as natural warehouses and deliver directly to retailers with products that are fresher, tastier and healthier.

Now, due to popular demand, we are also delivering the same top-quality produce straight to consumers. Our fresh selection regularly changes to reflect the seasons… from bright, juice clementines to earthy, sweet pumpkins. Shop now and enjoy!


We have been eating old food. An orange is 4 months old after passing through 3-5 middlemen. Our fruits take 4 days from tree to you.


How do fruits last so long? That’s the job of chemicals and pesticides. Our fruits come directly from the tree, with no surface or gas treatments.


Today, the money goes to the wrong pockets. By buying directly from a farmer, you are giving a fair share to reward his hard work.


The current food supply chain is a heavy carbon emitter. With Fresh.Land, your products are not stored and artificially ripened, so you reduce the carbon footprint.


Enjoy the produce as if you have harvested it yourself


We are passionate for disrupting a giant industry together


Our innovative platform has earned prestigious awards internationally


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About the concept
About the web-shop
What is Fresh.Land?

Fresh.Land is a pioneering platform that shortens and digitizes the food supply chain. It allows farmers to sell fresh products directly to retailers and consumers, cutting all the middlemen. Our platform provides all the logistics, payment, legal, and knowledge required in one integrated solution.

How is this different to the current food supply system?

Fresh.Land enables both consumers and retailers to consume untreated produce that has been picked just 4 days earlier.

Usually, moving food from the farm to our family dinner tables can take months as it travels through a number of middlemen before arriving to the supermarket shelf. To endure the journey, the food is filled with chemicals and surface treatments to keep produce looking healthy.

Additionally, many foods are prematurely picked and artificially ripened with gas before being sold to further middlemen and eventually supermarkets; almost 30% of food goes bad during this process. The end result: food that is months old, chemically laden, tasteless, and with little nutritional value left.

Why is it better?


Not only is the produce fresher, healthier and tastier for the consumers, but also helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary food waste. According to WWF, if Fresh.Land takes a market share of 20%, “the 88% savings of the energy used for storage and reduced food waste by 10% would save 12.7 million tons of CO2 annually by 2026”.


Without middle men, farmers can capture more value. This ensures their financial sustainability, at a time when 15% of Danish farmers are at risk of bankruptcy and most of the 12 million small and medium EU farmers see their margins crumble every year.


Fresh.Land offers complete transparency and holds high standards when it comes to quality. With the old model, produce is often incorrectly labelled as organic or its’ origin falsely marketed in order to improve sales. Unfortunately, independent quality checks are rarely performed which means often these “dirty tricks” go unidentified.

What’s the goal or mission?

Our mission with Fresh.Land is to bring a new sustainable model to the food industry – one where everyone can access tasty, healthy and safe food for themselves and their families and the farmer is paid a fair price for his harvest.

What does it mean that the products are “untreated”?

All our products are untreated – that means that they have no surface treatment. Surface treatment is used in conventional production to preserve products for longer and to make them look nicer. It is made up of a cocktail of fungicides, pesticides, wax and skin healer. It stays on the fruit, when you carry it home from the supermarket. The surface treatment is the biggest source of chemicals in a persons diet.

Because our products are so fresh (4 days from harvest), we don’t need to use surface treatment. All our products are untreated and you can safely eat the peel.

Are the products “organic”?

Some Fresh.Land products are organic. Those will be marked with an organic certificate in our webshop.

All our products are grown with sustainable agricultural practices, with respect for environment, plants and animal life. When needed (e.g. in case of plagues in the farm), the farmers use treatments to fight it locally, not broadly – the same you do in organic agriculture.

We believe in meeting the farmers where they are and training them in best sustainable practices. We facilitate knowledge sharing between farmers. We reward quality and support farmers in implementing and disseminating sustainable practices. By meeting farmers in eye height, we maximize our impact.

What's in it for the farmers?

The farmer is paid a better price for his harvest, because we cut out the middlemen. This provides an incentive for more farmers to join the cause and invest in sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, Fresh.Land provides them the opportunity to reach (and sell) to hundreds more outlets, instead of only having one point of contact with their trader as they did in the past. You can read more about our farmer’s success (and very moving) stories here.

What's in it for me?

Buying a box from one of our farmers is an extraordinary experience in taste, flavour and freshness. It also means that you are making a conscious choice to:

  1. Not allow chemicals in the food you eat
  2. Empower farmers to invest in sustainable agriculture
  3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cold storage and ripening chambers by 88% and food waste by 10%, according to WWF (2016).
Where can I buy the products?

You can buy the produce directly from our shop or visit your local supermarket. If they don’t stock Fresh.Land, please let us know!

What types of produce do you stock?

We stock a wide range of fruits and vegetables all year round from plums and cherries to pumpkin and mushrooms. We work with the seasons so the variety on offer in the shop can vary (e.g. low season (March and May) versus high season (Summer months).

We are always looking for new farmers to add to our list of suppliers so if you know someone who is a farmer, or are a farmer yourself within the EU, please email

What happens when I place the order?

Until Thursday we collect all the orders and hand it over to the farmers. On Friday and Saturday the farmers harvest. On Saturday our truck collects the fruit boxes and already 3-4 days later they arrive at your door. Enjoy the experience as if you had harvested it yourself!

What happens when I order a subscription product?

Choose to subscribe to a product if you want to receive your favourite box on a regular basis. You can select to receive it weekly or bi-weekly (every second week). Just enter a quantity (e.g. 2 boxes) next to the subscription you prefer and then click on the “Add to Cart” button.

The boxes will always be delivered on a Tuesday or Wednesday to your address. On the Checkout page, please specify where we can place the box, in case you are not home.

You will continue to receive the subscribed products until you cancel your subscription, or until the fruit or vegetable’s season ends. You will be notified when we cancel any of your subscriptions. 

This is a great option for your office or home, without you having to worry about placing the next order…. enjoy your fresh Fresh.Land deliveries!

What happens if I'm not home when you deliver?

We deliver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (once weekly). When you have made your order and are in the “Checkout”, please specify where we can place the box, in case you are not home in the comments section.

Why doesn’t the shop deliver to me/my area?

We are currently only delivering to addresses between 0000-4000 (inclusive) in Denmark. We are always expanding our routes to reach more customers. When we have 10 customers in your area, we open up a new route. If you wish to become a delivery point for your area, please email to let us know.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern about the Webshop?

Please email for any enquiries regarding the webshop.