• A new food industry

    Fresh.Land is an online platform that allows farmers to sell directly to retailers. Farmers use the trees and fields as a natural “warehouse” — no middlemen, no storage, no post-harvest chemicals.

  • From months to days

    We provide a just-in-time model for the food supply chain

  • Less emissions

    Fresh.Land reduces emissions from storage by 88%

    WWF Climate Solver 2016

    Less waste

    Fresh.Land reduces food waste by 10%

    WWF Climate Solver 2016

    Less chemicals

    Our process eliminates ripening and preservation chemicals. We reduce overall chemical use by 60%.

    More value

    We provide a fair value to the hardworking farmers. They capture up to 75% more value with our process.

  • A cleaner food supply chain

    WWF Climate Solver Award 2016

  • A short supply chain

    From trees and fields to stores in less than 4 days

  • "We are transforming supermarkets into farmers markets"

    Mathilde Jakobsen

    CEO Fresh.Land

    "It is time to change an industry that has been late in adopting technology"

    Filipe Leal

    COO Fresh.Land


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