• Harvested after you order and delivered directly to you

    The trees are the warehouse

  • Farm to home in 4 days

    No middlemen, no storage, no post-harvest chemicals

  • WWF Climate Solver Award

    Climate Solver Award

    Fresh.Land reduces 88% of CO2 emissions

  • A new model for the food industry

    Economically and environmentally sustainable


    We have been eating old food. An orange is 4 months old after passing through 3-5 middlemen. Our fruits take 4 days from tree to store.


    How do fruits last so long? That's the job of chemicals and pesticides.Our fruits come directly from the tree, with no surface or gas treatments.


    Today, the money goes to the wrong pockets. By buying directly from a farmer, you are giving a fair share to reward his hard work.

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  • "We bring farmers markets into the supermarkets"

    Mathilde Jakobsen

    Head of Client Service

    "We want to make fresh and natural food accessible to all"

    Filipe Leal

    Head of Product

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