• A new model

    Fresh.Land is an online platform that allows farmers to sell directly to retailers. Farmers use the trees and fields as a natural “warehouse” — no middlemen, no storage, no post-harvest chemicals.

  • From months to days

    We provide a just-in-time model for the food supply chain

  • Less emissions

    Fresh.Land reduces emissions from storage by 88%

    WWF Climate Solver 2016

    Less waste

    Fresh.Land reduces food waste by 10%

    WWF Climate Solver 2016

    Less chemicals

    Our process eliminates ripening and preservation chemicals. We reduce overall chemical use by 60%.

    More value

    We provide a fair value to the hardworking farmers. They capture up to 75% more value with our process.

  • The industry's dirty secret

    We are eating old and chemical food

  • Digitizing the food supply chain

    Our online platform provides fresh, natural, and sustainable food


    Source better products at lowers costs

    Our application allows retailers to source quality products at competitive prices directly from farmers. With us, retailers differentiate based on the quality and stories of our farmers, and can manage all their orders in one single dashboard.


    Sell directly to retailers at better prices

    Our application empowers farmers with the scale, infrastructure, and know-how to access retailers — all in one integrated solution. We use technology to cut intermediaries and make the supply chain more transparent and efficient.

  • Prizes & Awards

    Our pioneering platform has earned the highest distinctions

    "Truly pioneers in the new climate economy" — WWF

    "One of the most promising green startups in Denmark" — Forbes


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    Willemoesgade 33

    2100 Copenhagen


    Praça Conde de Agrolongo 123

    4700-312 Braga


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  • "We are transforming supermarkets into farmers markets"

    Mathilde Jakobsen

    CEO Fresh.Land

    "It is time to change an industry that has been late in adopting technology"

    Filipe Leal

    COO Fresh.Land

    "We are changing the food industry to become fresh, natural, and sustainable food"

    Rafael Gomes

    Client Relations Fresh.Land


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